Injection Molding

A mold temperature of 50 – 120°C is recommednded.POM is partilally crystallilnge thermoplastics and the mechanical properties are determined by the degree of crystallization which increases with the mould temp.

As with all crystalline polymers the follow-up pressure can be influential on the shrinkage of the part and a longer hold time is preferred to reduce shrinkage. MFI (190°C @ 2,16 kg) = 1 – 10 kg/10 min

POM is suitable for injection of thin wall & complex parts, MFI (300°C @ 21,6 kg) of 13 – 65 g/10min



Extrusion mainly to produce semi-finished articles (round and flat rods, hollow rods, slabs) and can be carried out easily on single and multi screw extruders.

Extrusion temperature:

  • from 180 to 220°C.
  • A L/D ratio of 15 to 25 is recommended.
  • MFI (190°C @ 2,16 kg) = 1.3 kg/10min